Updated: 4 July 2017

Right now I'm ...

  • Reimagining how I work: Inspired by Basecamp's company work cycles, I'm trying my own version to manage my work projects and personal energy. I'm running these 6-week cycles starting 17 July. I'm going to share more about this in the coming weeks with my mailing list community. Sign up for my emails here.
  • Making meetings better: LoMo (short for Low-Tech Moments) are techniques for running fast, self-organised meetings because it's time to say 'goodbye!' to frustrating, pointless meetings. Right? We held a taster event in London on in June and people are on fire for more productivity and purpose!  Learn more about LoMo and apply for a free trial here. 
  • Beginning a quest: I want to talk with 100 people from the Caribbean between now and 31 December 2018 and share those coversations. Why? Visit the dedicated project page here.
  • Revolutionising dining out: Sage Dining Club is a startup that I co-founded with other food lovers, for food lovers. We believe that food brings people together in the ways very few other experiences can, and we want to make connecting over food more enjoyable, frequent, and affordable. Check out our first piece of local press!
  • Exploring equality in the workplace: The Gender in the Workplace - Cayman Islands survey closed in April and the results are being analysed. I'm looking forward to reading the pulse of gender in the workplace in the Cayman Islands, and eager to take action from an informed perspective.
  • Supporting clients and projects: I'm providing ongoing marketing and communications support to a small, diverse group of clients and projects. It keeps me on my toes!
  • Looking forward to summer at home: After spending the past 6 weeks in Cambridge and Medellin, I'm looking forward to the summer at home in Cayman until late August when I'm planning to be in London (Canada) and Portland.

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